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Digital/Behavioral Marketing

Promosapiens conducts approximately 15 behavioral experiments on a daily basis on the average sample of 25,000 respondents.

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Although weighing only 1.5 kg, the human brain uses up 20% of your daily energy, and makes about 35,000 decisions daily, of which roughly 270 are related to food. Although we like to think we are conscious and rational beings, we make our decisions 50 – 90% at a subconscious and emotional level.

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Shopper Marketing

1% more time spent in the store increases sales by 1%

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Behavioral design

People are irrational and rarely accept objective reality. What remains is to change their perception.

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Lectures and workshops

Dalibor Šumiga, founder and CEO of Promosapiens, is also a lecturer at many universities and international conferences. The most popular topic of his lectures is behavioural marketing and consumer psychology.

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