[CONFERENCE] Marketing & Sales by Numbers

Dalibor Šumiga News, Uncategorized

Almost 200 participants, mostly professionals in the field of marketing and sales, gathered at the conference dedicated to measuring the efficiency of marketing, organised by the magazine Lider.
With the lecture titled “BEHAVIORAL MARKETING – Don’t Trust a Rational Shopper” we presented a few case studies in which we demonstrated how Promosapiens creates behavioral experiments within digital campaigns and how we use the analysis of shopper behavior to track the correlation of digital content and sales results in offline sales.
WIth a short, audience based experiment, we showed how the brain stores marketing messages and how it is possible, using our software for implicit (subconscious) survey, to predict the sentiment of shoppers towards a brand before a drop in market share occurs.
Judging by the feedback and the reaction of the audience as well as the organiser, behavioral marketing and its practical use are topics which definitely interest sales and marketing experts who want to improve their business.

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