32nd Real Estate Business Forum 2019.

Dalibor Šumiga News, Uncategorized

In front of more than 600 visitors of the 32nd Real Estate Business Forum in Zagreb, we gave a lecture with a title “So what are you selling – a real estate or an experience?”

In a 30-minute lecture, we tried to suggest to the audience how big is the impact of psychology when selling a product worth hundreds of thousands or millions of kunas.

Among other things, we portrayed the impact of good storytelling and how human irrationality and senses affect the intent to purchase using examples from our successful digital campaigns and behavioral studies.

We tackled some of the best contemporary techniques in sales through the examples from the greatest salesmen, and the importance of constant online and offline testing.

Judging by the audience’s amazing reactions and the amount of laughter in the room, we can conclude that we hit the bull’s eye with this topic :)

In case you are also organizing a conference  and would like your audience to learn more about the application of behavioral marketing and neuromarketing research insights into business, contact us at info@promosapiens.hr

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