Aspira Career Day, 2019. – Split

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The Aspira University College Career Day, now already a tradition, was held on the 7th and 8th of February in Split. This two day event is aimed at students of all years and fields of study who have the chance of connecting directly with the worlds top companies. At the Career Day, new acquaintances are formed, future internships and traineeships are arranged, coachings, seasonal jobs, as well as future ones.

Dalibor Šumiga, director and founder of Promosapiens was invited as a keynote speaker and held a lecture titled “Fifty shades of entrepreneurship”

The lecturing hall was full on both days. An extra seat was sought after even among those not attending Aspira.

“Fifty shades of entrepreneurship” was not a typical presentation on entrepreneurship focused on motivating participants. It focused on giving practical advice based upon scientific studies in the fields of behavioral economics and psychology.

In the presentation, which drew the attention of local media, various interesting topics were covered: Which generation is the dumbest, what you should ask each motivational speaker talking about success, the importance of money – according to behavioral studies, the worst cognitive prejudices for young entrepreneurs, is it better working in a large company or starting your own business and many more…

A big thanks to Aspira University College for such a warm welcome.

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