HOW Festival 2019

Dalibor Šumiga News

For the third time in a row, Promosapiens has participated in HOW Festival, this year under the panel discussion “Engage your guests – let them be your ambassadors/Social media: do you value it enough?”

The panel attracted a lot of attention as shown by the full hall and discussed several more topics – do we need influencers in the hotel promotion, where we see social networks in the period of 10 years and how to turn our guests into brand ambassadors?

The founder of Promosapiens, Dalibor Šumiga, pointed  to the need for the influencers to be authentic because it makes no sense for an influencer to become a promoter of the hotel he/she cannot afford. He also emphasized that the future of social networks might become more complicated since the new generation of customers consider messaging apps to be social networks and consume content mainly within these “closed” ecosystems.

Since the main subject of the panel was how to turn your guests into ambassadors, Dalibor gave a very simple tip – boost the power of the Wi-Fi in your hotel; guests cannot share good content if they do not have a high-quality Internet connection.

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