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How to become popular on the Internet?

Dalibor Šumiga Behavioral marketing/Neuromarketing, Marketing

First of all, you have to accept the fact that the Internet is one big city.
Currently, there are 10 billion people living on Earth, of which 90% use the Internet.
In such fierce competition, it’s not easy to become popular.

Additionally, your gender plays a significant role.
Women will always be more popular on social media because they’re more flirtatious and have more physical attributes to attract attention.

Humanity has progressed at great speed. 1000 years ago we didn’t know how to write, and now we use smartphones as powerful computers that we carry in our pockets and use for our daily needs and habits.

eCommerce already accounts for almost 40% of total sales. This means that most of our lifestyle habits, hedonistic and utilitarian, have spilled over to the Internet.

To become popular in today’s informational jungle, you must first create your alter ego.
Authenticity is overrated. It’s important to play a role that the audience likes.

That’s why actors are popular; privately they would never be popular if they didn’t bring to life the characters we love.
Forget authenticity. Hedonism and high lifestyle are the best way to attract attention and create credibility.
From there, everything’s smooth sailing…

Promosapiens Blog kako postati slavan na internetu


You’ve read the entire text above, and you’re still here…?
Did you share it before reading this sentence?
Have you already insulted me in the comments under the post where you came across this text?
Did I get on your nerves?

If not, you are a very kind human being…

Everything I wrote above is an absolute lie.
But I gave you exactly what I promised in the title.

What is the easiest way to become popular on the Internet?
How do you get people talking about you and commenting on what you post?

Sharing wrong information.
There’s no stronger “drive” of human behavior on the Internet than the need to tell someone that they’re wrong.

In psychology, we call this phenomenon Cunningham’s Law – the best way to get an answer on the Internet is not to ask a question, but to post the wrong answer…

Promosapiens blog kako postati slavan na internetu

Source: XKCD comic – “Duty Calls”