HR conference – PromoForum

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At the 35th Promohotel in Poreč, the PromoForum took place, the topic of the conference being the human resource development in tourism.

Our Dalibor Šumiga held a lecture with the title “What should we fear more – millennials or robots?”
Through a couple of behavioral studies, he explained examples of “fake news” regarding smartphones and generation differences. Also, he dedicated a significant part of the lecture to defining how to measure success, how quotes on LinkedIn became a new religion and what happens when we’re poor, i.e. how important money really is.
Last, but not least, he showed research on perception of robots in workplaces, how employees look at the potential situation in which robots replace them or their colleagues and in which occupations there is the greatest chance of humans being replaced by robots.

After the lecture, Q&A session took place in which he named a few fun examples of how to implement behavioral marketing.

The application of neuroscience in the development of human resources, a very interesting topic for us, got its place at the PromoForum where the company Meraklis showed their service NeuroHR – a subconscious measurement of employees’ satisfaction. The interest towards this kind of research was immense and most of the participants decided to go through the demo test.

The turnout was remarkable, as were the audience’s feedback and the hosts, which made this conference an amazing experience. Thank you everyone for coming and for the pleasant time we spent!