What is EEG?

Electroencephalography (EEG) is a noninvasive method of measuring electrical activity of the brain during exposure to certain stimulus.

By measuring real-time brain impulses, we monitor the respondents’ reactions to individual parts of the content. By monitoring the motivation and emotional engagement of the respondents during their exposure to content, we measure their overall impression as well as positive and negative responses to the content as a whole.

What do we measure?

With EEG, we have the ability to directly approach human brain responses while exposed to the selected content. In this way we can test:

– TV commercials
– Promotional videos
– Different types of ads
– Package design
– User experience
Willingness to pay

Combining different neuromarketing tools

Data obtained from EEG measurements are never the only ones we use to draw conclusions about specific content – what we use is so called data triangulation with different sensors to get the proper conclusions. By combining these data, we get the overall result for the selected marketing content that is compared to other, similar content. Then we compare that with the so called benchmark score that is considered relevant to good or bad marketing content.

Obtained results show:

  • How users respond subconsciously to individual parts of a specific marketing content
  • How they experience a certain marketing content as a whole
  • How is the above content compared to the competition
  • How much content is objectively good or bad according to subconscious human reactions
  • What could be specifically changed to make the content more successful

EEG method is combined with the following neuromarketing tools:

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