Explicitor – a questionnaire measuring subjects opinion and their confidence level in the answer

What is Explicitor?

Explicitor is an advanced version of standard survey examining whether respondents agree with certain statements and how confident they are in their answer. Questions can be modified, depending on studies goal.

How do we measure?

Respondents are shown a claim with your brand and they answer “YES” or “NO” depending on whether they agree or disagree with the statement.


When responding, the Explicitor also measures the response rate and reaction time (in milliseconds) which defines how confident a person is in their response.

People are sometimes not inclined to make their preferences public (eg, “Do you watch soap operas?”), but they have no problem making a critical review of most (“Everyone is watching soap operas.”) Because of it, Explicitor also analyzes the respondents’ answers to the question “what do most people think?”. Explicitor analyzes response selection and response rate at this stage as well.

All of these factors combined are creating one number – the Fast Explicit Score (FES), which is giving an insight into customer perceptions of a brand and/or brand’s competition.

What information does the Explicitor provide?

Explicitor provides a simple graphical representation of the results for your brand and also for the other brands that you choose to include in the analysis (example in the picture).


In this study, respondents had the most positive perception of Instagram as a source of inspiration.

The results can be further filtered by different lifestyle data (demographics, age, sex, location, and psychographics, such as favorite music, favorite food, shopping habits, hobbies, etc.) You can choose test filters by yourself according to your preferences. In the report, a detailed view of the results is provided according to the selected filters.


What are the benefits of the Explicitor?

  • There is no cost for the location organization and respondents arrival
  • Web- based research, respondents only need a laptop/computer
  • No limit on respondents number
  • You can do a study on your own
  • Survey and neuromarketing study – 2 in 1

Additional benefits

Market research agencies can also obtain:

  • Special partner conditions
  • Exclusivity for specific brands or markets
  • White Label software

Explicitor is combined with the following neuromarketing tools.

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