Facebook and Instagram Advertising

In today’s digital age, the presence on social media is of particular importance to the business. But the problem is that your competition is equally present there as you are. Then how can you stand out from the crowd?

Did you know…

Although most people have on average several hundred to several thousand friends on social networks, we are able to maintain up to 150 stable social connections. That figure is called the Dunbar number.

Promosapiens, as an insight agency, creates social media advertising strategies with previous market research and behavioral analysis and its own neuro tools.

In the campaign optimization we are using:

  • Ideal Color List Calculator according to the brand characteristics
  • Results of neuromarketing research on the position of logos, pictures, use of certain words and phrases
  • The largest list of cognitive biases (the “shortcuts” your brain creates)
  • Advanced app for measuring a non-conscious response to the marketing messages
  • Ad frequency calculator based on the brand characteristics

What digital campaigns look like and how do we create them, find out in our article.

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