Facial Coding – facial expression analysis

What customers think about your brand, advertisement, or design?
You can ask them for an opinion, but you can also read it from their faces.

Facial expressions speak more than words.

What is facial coding?

Facial coding is a method of measuring different human emotions through analysis of facial expressions while being exposed to certain stimulus.

The software is calibrated by a large sample of approx. 6 million human faces.

Different facial expressions are connected to the spectrum of human emotions which are divided into 7 main categories.

What do we measure?
Facial coding measures 7 basic emotional reactions:

● Joy
● Surprise
● Anger
● Disgust
● Fear
● Sadness
● Contempt

We also measure the overall emotional involvement in the displayed content, or the sum of all emotions – expressiveness.

This way we can measure responses to different marketing content such as:

● TV commercials and other video content
● Story board
● Different types of ads
● Design
● Reactions to certain products

The method is most effective for measuring responses to sensory marketing, ie. tests related to the smells and tastes – food tasting, drinks, perfumes tasting and so on.

Combining different neuromarketing tools

What if people don´t show emotions?

There are situations where people simply do not express emotions face-to-face, or have so-called “poker face”. Because of such cases, this method is never used by itself, ie. it is combined with other neuromarketing tools and their metrics are combined to get the more relevant information.

By combining this data, we get the overall result for the selected marketing content that is compared to other, similar content and what we call a benchmark score that is considered relevant to good or bad marketing content.

Obtained results show:

  • How users respond subconsciously to individual parts of a specific marketing content
  • How they experience a certain marketing content as a whole
  • How is the above content compared to the competition
  • How much content is objectively good or bad according to subconscious human reactions
  • What could be specifically changed to make the content more successful

Eye-tracking method is combined with the following neuromarketing tools:


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