GSR – Galvanic Skin Response

What is GSR?

Galvanic skin response (GSR) is a method of measuring reaction to different kinds of stimuli through micro sweat gland activity.

The method can also be called Skin Conductance (SC) or Electrodermal Activity and it is commonly known as the lie detector.

What do we measure?

The sensors are set in contact with the skin detecting the activity of sweat glands. The appearance of microparticles of sweat is indicating the presence or absence of excitement, which can be positive or negative.

This method is most often used to test responsiveness to specific marketing content and creative concepts before it comes out to the audience. This content can be tested:

  • TV commercials and various other video content
  • Different ad types
  • Sales communication
  • Call center scripts

Combination of neuromarketing tools

Given its simple metric (the presence or absence of excitement when exposed to a particular stimulus), GSR is always used in combination with other neuromarketing tools.

By combining the data obtained, we get the overall result for the selected marketing content that compares with other, similar content and what we call a benchmark score that is considered relevant to good or bad marketing content.

Obtained results show:

  • How users respond subconsciously to individual parts of a specific marketing content
  • How they experience a certain marketing content as a whole
  • How is the above content compared to the competition
  • How much content is objectively good or bad according to subconscious human reactions
  • What could be specifically changed to make the content more successful

GSR method is combined with the following neuromarketing tools:

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