Implicitor – subconscious reactions measurement

Do you know what customers think about your brand? And do you know how they experience it subconsciously?

What customers thinks about particular brand can be explored through various survey and questionnaires. But the question is, do people say what they think? Not always.

Even when the answer to this question is positive, there is the next question – do people think what they subconsciously perceive?

Each human reaction can be divided into three phases:

  1. Detection
  2. Implicit reaction
  3. Explicit reaction

Explicit reactions are what we get with classic surveys. Implicit reactions – the ones that are in customers subconscious, are obtained using the special algorithms in the Implicitor.

Customer opinion on a particular brand can be explored through various surveys and questionnaires. But do people tell what they think? Not always.

What is Implicitor?

Implicitor is a complex software using a form of a survey to test implicit reactions of examinees to certain stimuli.

The software is used as an addition to classical survey aiming to find out what customers think about a certain brand or product.

Implicitor is based on a fact that people don’t always give honest answers (even if they want to) and goes deeper into subconsciousness in order to find out what people really think.

What can be measured:

  • Do customers see your brand as exclusive or affordable?
  • Do they trust the quality of your product?
  • Do they associate it with modern or traditional values?
  • What is their purchasing desire and what is their purchasing intention?
  • How do they react to your prices (do they think that the price is in line with the product quality)?
  • What is their reaction to certain types of CTA buttons?

In other words, Implicitor is testing if customers really see your brand the way you want it to be seen.

By measuring the reactions after a certain stimulus, the software recognizes implicit associations.

How Implicitor works?

Implicitor is designed as a survey offering an examinee to choose between two opposite associations in every question.

Using complex algorithms based on applied mathematics and cognitive neuroscience principles such as affective priming (AMP – affect misattribution procedure), the software calculates in what measure these associations are really connected to the chosen brands or products.

While answering the questions, the examinees are being exposed to pictures they are instructed to ignore, but their reactions are still affected by them.

While examinees are choosing an answer, an image of a brand logo briefly appears in the middle of their screen. This image is affecting their implicit decision and the promptness of their answer.

What kind of data can be provided by Implicitor?

The results can be further filtered by different lifestyle data (demographics, age, sex, location, and psychographics, such as favorite music, favorite food, shopping habits, hobbies, etc.)

You can choose test filters by yourself according to your own preferences.

In the report you get a detailed view of the results according to the selected filters.

What are the benefits of the Implicitor?

  • Low cost (web based research, respondents only need a laptop/computer)
  • No limit on respondents number
  • You can do a study on your own
  • Survey and neuromarketing study – 2 in 1

Additional benefits

Market research agencies can also obtain:

  • Special partner conditions
  • Market exclusivity for Implicitor
  • White Label software

Implicitor is combined with the following neuromarketing tools:

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