Non-conscious surveys

Do you know what customers think about your brand? Do you know how they experience it subconsciously?

What customers think about a particular brand can be explored through various surveys and questionnaires. But the question is, do people say what they think? Not always.

Even when the answer to this question is positive, there is the next question – do people think what they subconsciously perceive? Are they always sure in their answers?

Each human reaction can be divided into three phases:

  1. Detection
  2. Implicit reaction
  3. Explicit reaction

Classical survey and questionnaire methods can certainly provide some information. However, these methods often lack additional insight into behavioral information such as: how confident respondents are in their response, what they truly think, whether they are doubting chosen options, or are they choosing what they think are socially acceptable answers.

It is certainly important to keep track of the person’s rational answers. However, we can get even more precise by measuring the time it takes for the person to provide the answer, and by reducing the person’s guilt when answering (socially sensitive) questions.

For this purpose, we developed:

  • Implicitor – subconscious reactions test
  • Explicitor – a questionnaire measuring subjects opinion and their confidence level in the answer
  • Top of mind – a questionnaire measuring brand position in peoples subconsciousness

You can read more about neuromarketing and behavioral analysis in our blog

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