Sales monitor

How do you monitor the sales of your products, the sales of certain stores and revenue in general? If sales is better or worse for certain products, do you know what’s the reason?

There are many factors influencing the sales, but some of the most important ones are product exposure and its availability on the shelves.

The best insight we could have in the course of sales and everything that influences them would be right on the spot, along with taking records of all the events in each moment. Since this wouldn’t be very convenient, there is a set of applications created for monitoring all the factors influencing sales of your products in any moment.

Monitor your sales in real time and react in the right moment.

Sales monitoring applications provide us with:

  • Photographies of certain shelves with their current arrangement
  • Changes in the arrangement of shelves
  • Information on absence of certain products on shelves and renewal of supplies
  • Subsequent insight in the course of sales

All of the data remains available in the application for the whole time and it allows us to exchange the data with our employees and associates and to have a continuous review of the course of our business.

This data allows us to react to negative influences on our sales in time and to find the best product positioning solution and therefore increase the sales.

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