Shopper Flow

1% more time spent in stores increases the revenue for 1%

What moves your customers?

Whether you own a store, a chain of stores, or a brand/product being distributed in stores, it’s important to pay attention to the organization of its space. Store organization and product placement largely affect the way customers perceive your products, thus the actual revenue.

If your goal is to achieve the optimal store organization which will make the customers feel comfortable and move without obstacles, as well as to find the best strategic positions for the products, the first step is to get to know the customers’ behaviour in the store. With our tools you can monitor the movement of customers in stores in general, or specifically for your own brand.

Monitoring customers’ behaviour

Our software for monitoring customers’ behavior is measuring:

  • The movement direction of customers in store
  • The most and the least visited areas in store
  • The duration of time spent in certain areas
  • The number of people visiting the store in a certain period
  • The overall time spent by customers in the store

By using cameras installed at strategic locations, the software creates heat maps of customer movement.

IMPORTANT: The cameras don’t record faces and they don’t take records of customers’ identities in any way. Monitoring customers’ movement by this software is completely in accordance with the new GDPR.

Heat maps created by the software collect data which can be additionally filtered according to the chosen period of time. Movement routes can also be displayed in a more or less detailed manner.

The collected data is showing us:

  • The most attractive places in the store
  • Neglected areas or areas not available enough
  • Possible “mental obstacles” blocking customers’ way

A special function is relied to queues in front of cash registers. This function is showing us:

  • The number of people standing in queues in certain time periods
  • The average amount of time needed for a customer to be served at a cash register
  • The number of people leaving the queues (if any) and the time they spent waiting before they left it
  • The number of cashiers needed in certain time periods

The software data is used to organize store space strategically and to choose the best positions for certain products and hence increase the revenue.

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