Store League

Do you want your stores to be in a fair competition?

If you are an owner of a store, a chain of stores or you distribute your brand/product in stores, you are familiar with the fact that sales can largely vary, depending on numerous factors such as store location, organization of its space, the engagement of sales people etc.

If you want to optimize your sales in every store, you need to:

Take in count all of the factors influencing sales
Define the real potential of the store
Incite the sales people to cooperate on order to realise this potential

Why wouldn’t you improve your sales through a dynamic game turning your company into a league and your employees into teams competing for the success of their stores?

The teams compete in rounds and every team can continuously follow the results of every round, as well as their own results through different rounds.

The application collects real time data, creates statistics and compares the stores, The success of a certain store is being measured by the number of transactions taking in count all of the factors, making this competition as fair as possible.

It is possible to make a deal with the suppliers to include certain products in the game, in order to additionally teams’ motivation for the improvement of their sales.

During the competition, the results are constantly visible to all competitors and they can be upgraded with additional material, such as pictures of places where products that bring points are being sold.

This kind of competition encourages:
– Teamwork
– Mutual learning and encouragement
– Motivation

Realising the potential of certain stores and their competition are leading to one common goal – increasing the revenue.

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