Customer tracking software now also counts their in-store number

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Shopper Flow, our tool for analyzing customer movement and store optimization, has undergone some changes in these difficult times in view of the COVID-19 situation and received accordingly some new features to comply with the prescribed measures to combat the spread of the virus.

In addition to standard features such as counting people in queues and average checkout time, the software now tracks the current number of customers, average time per customer, and provides a predictive queue in stores covered by cameras for tracking people. The resulting data is displayed in real time on screens so that customers already know at the entrance whether they can enter the store freely.

The software displays the number of in-store customers by the entrance and reports when the limit is reached

Also, as stores are seeing more customers these days, the software has been upgraded with the function of predicting how many customers can be expected at the store and how many cashiers it takes to meet all standards and prescribed measures to reduce the possibility of creating crowds at the cash registers.

Prediction of the expected number of customers in a day

Overview of the total number of customers by all store entrances and exits in  a day

Furthermore, the software is capable of monitoring the flow of each cash register so that additional cash registers can be opened as needed, reducing the waiting times and achieving better customer flow, thus further reducing the possibility of infection.

Predicting required cashiers according to opening hours and number of customers in the store

Analysis of the number of cash registers in service and their status in real time

All new features are tailored to existing equipment and require only TVs with Internet access, set up at the entrance, for each customer to view this information before entering the store.

More information on all features and possibilities of Shopper Flow software find on our page.