The inspiring lecture delivered by Dalibor Šumiga delighted yet another company – ‘OIV Digital Signals and Networks’

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Source: OiV

All good decisions are made in January, and the decision to additionally motivate your employees at the beginning of the year is the best bet for a successful business year.

Croatian company OIV Digitalni signali i mreže (OIV Digital Signals and Networks) took the biggest step and invited Dalibor Šumiga to give his popular lecture at the beginning of the year. As every time, the topic was appropriate – the lecture “Not everything is so gray” focused on topics such as:

  • Is the inequality between women and men decreasing?
  • What patterns do we repeat in the workplace and how do they prevent us from working better?
  • What happens when your boss raises your salary?
  • Why must we constantly invest in education?
  • … and many other interesting topics based in neuroscience, behavioral science and psychology.
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Source: OiV

If you want to arrange an exclusive guest appearance by our human behavior expert for your company or organization and motivate your employees for even more successful work that they will enjoy:


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