[YOU ASKED US] Neuromarketing – what, why, how, and how much?

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A while ago, we asked you on social media to let us know what interests you about neuromarketing.

A lot of questions came in and we picked out 10 questions that we consider to cover the most interesting and the most useful knowledge regarding the neuromarketing for you who are reading. :)

1. I’m interested in the framing effect and choice architecture. Some of the best examples you have come across.

The framing effect and choice architecture do not belong directly to the field of neuromarketing but more to the field of behavioral economics. There are a large number of examples that you will find by just googling these terms, and we definitely recommend that you take a look at the FB page of Promosapiens for the last few experiments we published; most of them cover the framing effect and choice architecture.

2. Is it possible to participate in your research and how can I apply?

Yes, you can contact us on info@promosapiens.hr with an indication that you want to participate in the research. The call for research depends on whether you are in the target group of the research that is being conducted. Currently, over 700 respondents in Croatia and 240 in Serbia are registered in our database for neuromarketing research.

Be sure to keep in mind that for research in which we use EEG you have to be right-handed.

3. What would the research on the design or redesign of the packaging and color of the product look like and how long would it take?

It depends on the product and what we want to know. Research in which we simulate product interaction on the shelf takes longer; research in which we test the perception of packaging online takes less time. Areas of interest that you want to analyze are also an important factor. Eg. you may want to test only the perception of the package, so the whole package is an area of interest, but there may be an element on the package that you want to test (eg. “gluten-free” label) and in that case, it takes more time to do the analysis.

Additionally, the question is whether you are testing visual attention (where what and for how long the person is looking) or non-conscious perception (whether they like the product, whether it is complicated to use, etc).

According to all the above information, the research can take a day or two, but it can also take weeks.

4. Does neuromarketing have anything to do with behavioral economics?

There is a similarity to the extent that both areas deal with the study of human behavior.

5. On which sample do you conduct your tests and how long do these tests last?

The minimum sample is 30 respondents, but every time we do the so-called Oversampling, where approximately 10-15% more respondents are recruited than the required number. Our research usually has between 40 and 100 respondents. This is the optimal number for neuromarketing research. Don’t trust anyone who promises you quality neuromarketing research results on samples of 10-20 respondents.

6. What is the price of neuromarketing? Is it worth doing?

Neuromarketing is based on scientific papers and proven methodologies. If done correctly, it pays off because it gives valid results. The price varies depending on the number of stimuli we test, the duration of the research per respondent, the methodology we use…

7. I’ve heard that neuromarketing is only for big companies. Is that true?

Absolutely not. Neuromarketing is intended for all companies that want to understand better their customers and their product perception. Investing in neuromarketing is not a PR decision, but a strategic decision, which means that the goal of neuromarketing research is to return the money invested in the research and increase the profit with the knowledge you gain from the research.

8. Is neuromarketing ethical? And is it legal to question people that way?

As a member of the world’s largest neuromarketing association (NMSBA), Promosapiens complies with organization’s code of ethics. Also, all respondents approach our research voluntarily and are familiar in advance with the methodology and goal of the research.

All the stories about mind reading, brainwashing, manipulating the nonconscious are complete lies. We are not changing your personality, we are just reading the signals that are already there and that your body is giving.

9. What equipment do you use for your research? Is this equipment reliable?

Promosapiens uses only equipment that has been proven effective, scientifically validated, and tested in practical application. Eg. this includes medically certified EEG, high-quality eye-tracking glasses, and all other sensors produced by the world’s most famous experts and used by the world’s largest brands and professionals.

Our equipment is absolutely reliable and safe. Also, when using it, the highest standards are used in terms of disinfection and maintenance of equipment in order to maintain the highest quality of research.

10. Do you conduct education and training about neuromarketing?

Yes, but we don’t do open type, we do it exclusively by order. It is very important to emphasize that education about neuromarketing is very specific. If you want to learn the basics of neuromarketing because you are interested in the field, that’s not a problem. But if you expect to become a neuromarketing expert yourself after the training, it can become a problem. Unlike digital marketing, where you can apply knowledge as soon as you master it, in neuromarketing, you must have access to highly sophisticated equipment, which is very expensive. Also, neuromarketing theory and practical neuromarketing research are two very different worlds. You can study neuromarketing, learn all the theory and it can still happen that you don’t know how to set up the EEG protocol, do the analysis, or prepare the research. For this reason, we ask all clients first who contact us about neuromarketing education if they just want to know more or if they really want to do research in practice.

If some of the answers to your questions still remained unclear, you can contact us without any hesitation on info@promosapiens.hr.